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Why ZooteeK?

Do you know the Basque Country?

Have you heard about its gastronomy?

ZooteeK is the specialist.

ZooteeK specialises in importing the best gourmet Basque foods into Britain.

We offer even to the most discerning palates something truly different and memorable.

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  • Vineyards along the Basque coast produce a well-loved Basque wine, Txakoli A wonderful, light, dry, slightly acidic white wine, it is usually served as an aperitif with seafood
  • Bonito del Norte is a small tuna with an awesome white and gentle meat, fished in summer using sustainable techniques. MSC labelled. Yurrita uses the best loins of the "Bonito del Norte" for this jar. ...
  • Rafa Gorrotxategi handmades this black chocolate with 80% of the best cocoa, with the delicious flavor of candied natural orange slices, delicate calendula petals and natural orange aroma.
  • Box of 6 glass bottles of 250 ml of each variety of the Artajo10 range. The early picking, from green olives, gives Artajo's best oils a fresh, herbaceous touch, with an intensity of exceptional green ...
  • Caught using sustainable techniques in the Bay of Biscay during springtime, Yurrita selects only the freshest and optimum-sized anchovies. These are salted and cured for at least 20 months. Then, anch ...


  • ZooteeK at SFFF 2021 in Olympia

    06 Sep 2021 ZooteeK
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