Social media

Hopefully, you are already talking about your attendance at the show across your digital platforms, but please make sure you are tagging us in your posts so we can repost and share where we can!

In the lead-up to the show, we run an extensive campaign across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Focusing primarily on Instagram, we produce a schedule of editorial content that can include features on your company if you fill out the marketing form and provide us with the imagery and info we need. 

Make sure you:

  • Follow the show's social media channels so you can see our latest news and share it across your own channels to let your audience know you will be there
  • Make sure you provide your social media handles in the My Profile section so we can follow you back and share your news
  • Tag the show in your posts about your activity so we don't miss it and use our hashtag #SpiritofSummerFair so visitors can easily find your posts

Follow us!

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